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D.C.Foote and Associates is here to assist those affected by the Woolsey, Hill and other fires in Southern California.

We understand what it means to lose your home, and all the stress that comes with rebuilding. That is why we are working extra hours to help you with your needs.

If your home was damaged or destroyed, D.C.Foote and Associates is here to help you throughout the design and permitting process from start to finish, IMMEDIATELY.

We are set up to provide plans and engineering, including the document processing if so desired. Your home will be designed to meet current day building standards in which we will educate and answer all of the many questions you may have.

We are willing to work overtime for you to make sure you are looked after and feel comfortable.

My cell phone is (805) 444-1230

Sincerely, David Foote - President

We work with some of the best contractors and developers in the business.

David Maddux
Castle Builders, Inc.
Ventura County
(805) 302-8598

Keith Wayne
Keith Wayne Construction
Ventura County
(805) 300-6619

David Lucchese
Lucchese Construction
Ventura County
(805) 432-5286

David Reith
David Reith and Associates
Ventura County
(805) 418-7924

Joe Padilla
Pacific Structures
Ventura County
(805) 746-1033



D.C. Foote and Associates coordinates all other professionals as required including structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers. As promised, we include title 24 energy conservations to better serve your energy calculations. For all your residential and tenant improvement designs we offer complete project continuity, from conceptual designs to final construction documents. In addition, we have been receiving a considerable amount of jobs for people wanting to build an A.D.U. , or an accessory dwelling unit at their residence. These have specifically become popular in the past four to five years with 2018 and 2019 having the most requests to date. Any questions regarding A.D.U. plans please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

D.C. Foote and Associates Inc., a residential design corporation established in 1986 has effectively completed in excess of 1,100 projects. Our years of experience ensure an efficient design, permitting and plan submission process. Our designs range from small single story room additions to new multi-level custom homes and commercial tenant improvements. We also offer Tiny / Small homes that look much larger but can be built at a very economical price.

We provide and coordinate all services necessary to take an idea and turn it into reality. As we understand how every project is unique in scope, we have developed a format and sequence of events to meet every client’s objective. From the initial on-site field record drawings to City Hall zoning permits to the final construction documents, we are there to coordinate the entire process. The internation code council (ICC) revises their building codes every three years so now is the time to submit everything before they change on january 1, 2020. We strongly advise that homeowners get in now and sign up before january 1, 2020 because then you might have a new set of codes to deal with.

For those homeowners dealing with water, mold or fire damaged homes, we understand how painful your loss can be. We work directly with you, in consultation with contractors and insurance adjusters, to get immediate results. We have worked on fire restoration and remediation projects for many years and we are here to help in any way.

Whether you are in the preliminary phase and need conceptual site design ideas or you are ready to start construction, D.C. Foote and Associates Inc. will work with you in a professional, creative and confidential manner for a complete and thorough design through construction project continuity.

David Foote, Principal, is an Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects and a Member of ICC, USGBC, AIBD, NAHB and NKBA.

We handle all the zoning permits and provide extremely accurate drawings to expedite the design process.